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Indus Chemie Ltd (ICL) is a private limited company registered (1999) in United Kingdom to cater specialised needs of INDUStry of CHEMIcals. It successfully outsourced technical actives, intermediates exceeding customer expectations of quality, timeline and price.

From 2007, ICL has redirected its resources to technical services in areas of REACH, CLP and Q-H-S-E compliance for EU and non-EU based SMEs.

Our knowledge base ranges from pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food and cosmetics ingredients and natural products including essential oils. We understand specific needs of our clients from manufacturing, marketing or trading and distribution businesses.

ICL provides business solutions and training based on its extensive experience of managing technical, regulatory and supply chains of pharmaceutical, speciality and agrochemical companies.

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Indus Chemie Ltd
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Middlesex, HA5 4EB
United Kingdom

Tel : +44(0)208 259 2017
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Email : sales@induschemie.co.uk, induschemie@gmail.com

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